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Camping Bungalow Slunečnice

Relax wooded area camping sunflower is situated 12 km east of Hradec Jindřichův Střížovice in villages and wolf on the shore of Little Lake Ratmírov. Available for you we have 28 cabins with private bathroom. From other camps to differ especially beautiful peaceful location, remote from the main road 500 m, we have a safe haven for families with small children and dog person, who keep coming back to us because they know that their pets with us there is no danger of a busy party communications, strictly střežíme order and relax in the camp. If you are a real place for relaxation, you're right :-) Ever since the 2000 season with us from April to October you spend a relaxing, quiet and cheap holiday, sports camps, training courses, weekends with aerobics, group tours, team-training, school nature, class reunions, school trips, visits regeneration ... We just tough family and others groups.
Returning to us and this is our best card. For this we magnify green, interiors, exteriors, increasing the capacity of accommodation facilities and year after year to expand services.

Camp policy

  • Animals (Pets): Ano
  • Open: 05.05. - 09.09.

Camping Bungalow Slunečnice - Accommodation

Arrival: Vyberte datum rezervace - příjezd
Departure: Vyberte datum rezervace - odjezd
Type of accommodation Count
Cotage (4 os./7 nocí (sezóna)) Count objednat
Cotage (nová s koupelnou a záchodem, 4 os./7 nocí (sezóna)) Count objednat
Cotage (1 os./noc (mimosezónu)) Count objednat
Cotage (1 os./noc s WC a koupelnou (mimosezónu)) Count objednat
Cotage (celá chata/den (sezóna)) Count objednat
Cotage (nová chata s WC a koupelnou/den (sezóna)) Count objednat

Camping Bungalow Slunečnice - Equipment

Camp Equipment

  • Reception,
  • Restaurant,
  • Toilets,
  • Showers,
  • Warm Water,
  • Drinking Water,
  • Kitchen,
  • Dishes,
  • Fridge,
  • Electricity,
  • Swimming,
  • Recreation Grounds
  • Campfire,
  • TV room,


  • Area for Tents: Yes


  • Cottages,
  • Electricity,
  • Toilet,
  • Extra Bed,
  • Kitchen,
  • Fridge,
  • Shower,
  • Bed sheets,
  • Dishes,

Rooms in Building

  • Yes
  • Quantity 12,


  • ,
  • By the Cottage,

Recreation Grounds

  • Volleyball,
  • Beach Football,
  • Tennis,
  • Table Tennis,
  • Children Playground,


  • Swimming is gratis,
  • Pond,
  • Lake,


  • Cooker,
  • Fridge,
  • Television,
  • Gas Bottle Exchange,
  • Dishes,
  • Bed sheets,

Rental Sports Equipment

  • Pedal Boat,
  • Boat,
  • Rackets,
  • Sports Nets,
  • Balls,


  • Wifi ,
  • Free of charge,


  • Horse Riding,
  • Water Sports,
  • Animals (Pets),

Camping Bungalow Slunečnice - Accommodation near